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Free Cloud Storage and Comparisons : Dropbox vs GoogleDrive vs SkyDrive vs SugarSync

Cloud Storage is a model of networked stored online where the information’s are stored  in virtual space of storage that are hosted by third-parties. In this post we are going to see few cloud storage services GoogleDrive , Dropbox ,SkyDrive, SugarSync about their feature and are compared with one another.

GoogleDrive VS Dropbox VS SkyDrive VS SugarSync


Google Drive




Free Storage
(+ 0.5GB
per Referral up to 16 GB)
7 GB
(Free upgrade to 25GB.
If claimed on time)
(+0.5 GB per referral up to 32 GB)
Minimum Upgrade Price
25 GB at $2.49/Month
50 GB at $9.99/Month
20 GB to your free storage at $10/year
30 GB at $4.99/month
Paid Space
25GB – $2.49
100GB – $4.99
200 GB – $9.99
400 GB – $19.99
1000GB – $49.99
50GB – $9.99
100GB – $19.99
20GB – $0.83
50GB – $2.08
100GB – $4.16
30GB – $4.99
60GB – $9.99
100GB – $14.99
250GB – $24.99
500GB – $39.99
File support
MS word ,Excel, PowerPoint, PDF
Photoshop, SVG ,
PostScript, XPS, ZIP, RAR, TIFF, Illustrator.
Photos , videos
MS word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Photos, Videos
Online File Manager
Desktop Access
Windows , Mac
Windows , Mac, Linux
Windows ,Mac
Windows ,Mac
Mobile Access
(ipad and iphone coming soon)
iphone ,
Android , Blackberry
ipad ,
iphone ,
Windows Phone
Android ,
Windows Phone,
Symbian ,
Developer Tools
Share Folder
Shared Folders with permission and Password
(i)File Size
20 GB/day/File
2 GB
20 GB/day/File
SSL AES-256 bit encryption
SSL AES-128bit encryption

To Download/ know more about the services click the link below:

Free Cloud Storage : Dropbox vs GoogleDrive vs SkyDrive vs SugarSync

Google Drive:

Google Drive comes with 5 GB of free storage . It also include an option to turn on OCR(Optical Character Recognition ) text scanning , which helps you to scan the images for text and make them searchable when you upload a image. In Google Drive you can add files by “Drag-and-Drop” method. Google Drive has a built-in editor feature . Google Drive is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS is still on progress. In Google Drive you can open up to 30 file right inside your browser.

GoogleDrive for PC

GoogleDrive for Mobile – Android only


Dropbox comes with 2 GB of free storage on sign-up and you get 500MB of free storage for every referrals up to 16GB. So you can extend up to 16 GB of free storage for free account. The strength of the app is it’s API built on . The dropbox is the one of the most developer- friendly storage since it helps you to access your files everywhere. The files are secured with SSL AES 256- bit encryption. Dropbox offer 50 GB and 100GB of storage for $9.99 and $19.99 which is expensive when compared with other could storage’s. You can add file by Drag-and-Drop method. Dropbox is available for iphone ,ipad, Android ,Backberry , Windows , Mac , Linux.

Dropbox for pc

Dropbox for Mobile


SkyDrive comes with 7GB of free storage (Free upgrade of 25GB , if claimed on time). SkyDrive are very good at synchronizing when the documents are created using Microsoft Excel,Word , PowerPoint and OneNote. In SkyDrive you can share public links , view or edit public links. SkyDrive has a special feature known as “Skydrive’s Fetch” in which if you forgot to synchronize something and if you home computer is turned-on , you can still access the files.SkyDrive is available for Windows ,Mac ,ipad ,iphone ,Windows Phone.

SkyDrive for Pc- you need to sign-in to get the app.

SkyDrive for Mobile


SugarSync comes with 5GB of free storage on sign-up and you get 500Mb of free storage for every referrals up to 32GB , So you can extend up to 32 GB on free storage for free account . SugarSync let you to pick folders all over the computer to synchronize, then let you to choose whether you want to synchronize  each folder to all the devices or to a particular device.You can password protect the file when you are sharing them . It is secured with SSL AES 128- bit encryption.SugarSync is available for Windows , Mac ,iphone,ipad,Android ,Windows Phone,Symbian ,Blackberry

SugarSync for Windows

SugarSync for Mac

SugarSync for Mobile

Click the link below to view the comparison table:

GoogleDrive VS Dropbox VS SkyDrive VS SugarSync

Google Maps for Mobile phones

Google Map is an excellent applications for mobiles phones. This application supports almost all mobiles phones Read the rest of this entry

Reset Security Code in Nokia


Here is a tip for resetting the security code in Nokia Mobiles.
Just Follow the Instructions:
(Download the nokia unlock file which is given below)
1. In order to reset you just need to have a Card Reader.
2. Remove the Memory Card from the nokia mobile.
3. Insert the card in the card reader and connect with your computer.
4. Create a directory as  System\Recogs and then add the nokia unlock.mdl file in the directory which you have created.
5. Then remove the card reader and insert it in the mobile .
6. Now start your phone and wait for a second when it ask about the security code. Let this tool reset the code for you. Wait for 2 minutes and then enter 12345 in the code box.
7. Now your code is reset to default (12345).
*This works only for the phones which have memory card options. 
Download: Nokia Unlocker

Anti-Theft Application for Mobile Phones

F secure logo

With the help of  F-Secure anti theft software ,you can find the mobile that was stolen by some one. Inorder to find it just you need to install it in your mobile phone. With F-Secure anti theft application you can even delete the confidential files that you have stored . If you think , someone is going to misuse the files on that are in your mobile phone , just by sending a message you can delete the files remotely .  It is a free mobile software developed by F-Secure Crop . You can lock your phone,  find the current location of the phone and wipe out the data from it if needed. You can do all this on your phone just by sending a message . If the sim on your mobile phone  is changed then the phone will be automatically locked and the new sim number will be sent to the number set by the real owner at the time of installation.

F-Secure anti theft software is completely free and can be used on Symbian, Windows and Android phones.

Download : F-Secure Anti-Theft



This is an application for mobile phones.

With the 160by2 application you can send free Message for all your friends.

Make sure you have internet connection in the mobile.

Accessing this application without internet will be charged.

JAVA Mobile

*The use of this application is at their own risk and this website may not be responsible for any charges.

Download :160by2

Mobile Applications



1.Lie detector-


With lie detector you can find whether one is lying are not. Just open the application and call and ask question and it will display whether they are lying are not.

Platform: nokia, java os.

Download – Lie Detector

2.Bluetooth webcam-


With bluetooth webcam you cam use your mobile as a webcam and chat with your friends .Just download and add it your phone and use it.

Platform-Noika,java os.

Download – Bluetooth webcam



This is an easy-to-use web browser there are more features ans very easy to access using the store the address as well as easy to access.

Platform-Nokia, java os.

Download – Snaptu