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Google Plus Shortcuts

Here are some Google Plus Shortcuts.

  • Google Plus supports Drag and Drop,so you can share links,photos,videos by directly dropping them into Share box.
  • To mention someone in your or other comments use + or @ Symbol before writing their name.
  • Google Plus doesn’t have private messages but you can share a post with only specific friends and don’t forget to disable Reshare.
  • To get permalink of any post click on the time-stamp of that post.
  • Public and Private posts are differentiated  by colors Green = Public Blue = Limited to circles.
  • To Underline the text write the text in-between two  Underscores  ( _exapmle_  ) – example.
  • To make the text BOLD write the text in-between two Asterisk   ( *example* ) – example.
  • To Display the text with a Strickthrough write the text in-between two Negative sign  (-example-) – example

      Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Space               =Scroll Down
  • Shift+Space  =Scroll up
  • J                        =Single Post Down Scroll
  • K                       =Single Post Up Scroll
  • Q                       =Jump to Chat
  • Return            =Start Comment

[How To]Search By Image In Google

Do you know that you can search by an image in Google?Here is the trick .

How to search by image ?

1.Install the Add-on which is given below.

2.Go to Google Images and do any of the following:

  • Drag & Drop : Drag & drop the file in the G-Search box which you want search.
  • Copy Image URL : If you have URL of an image , click on the camera icon in the G-Search box and paste the link new popup box.
  • By Right-Click : Right click the image and select Search by image Option.
  • Upload Image: Click the camera icon and choose Upload Image.

Mozilla Firefox: Search By Image

Google Chrome: Search By Image

[How To]Prevent Gmail Password Hacking

Now a day E-mail accounts are hacked easily , so to solve this Gmail had added a new feature which is known as 2 Step-Verification in which the user have to type the password as well the verification code which will be sent to your mobile phone every time you Sign-In (i.e) to login the user need two password 1.original password 2.verification code . This feature can turned-on as well as turned off as required. Read the rest of this entry

Google Search Tricks

While surfing in Google i found few tricks in Google search Engine  , So i thought of sharing it .You can show them to your friend and amaze them by showing these tricks .The tricks are knows Google Gravity and Epic Google .
1.Google Gravity
Everyone knows what is Gravity .
There is a Trick in Google which is knows as Google Gravity in which all the items in Google Search Engine falls at the bottom of the screen as if gravity is applied to it . To do so follow the steps below
1.Go to
2.Type Google Gravity in Search box.
3.Choose I’m Feeling Lucky option.
4.Type any information in Google Search bar and Press Enter .
Google gravity

2.Epic Google
Epic Google is a trick to make all the items in Google Search Engine gets enlarged ,(i.e.,) the items gets expanded. To do so follow the steps below
1.Go to
2.Type Epic Google in Search box.
3.Choose I’m Feeling Lucky Option.

Epic google

[How to]Search For Specific Files in Google

Whenever one searches in Google for file or documents they get files in different formats , to get a specific file format in Google Search just type the file format before entering the keyword.

“Filetype : File format ” search keyword.

For Example : To search for PDF files

  • Just add “PDF” or  “filetype:pdf” after your search topic.
  • Press Enter or Click search.
  • You will be able to see [PDF] before the results, the link will lead you to a PDF file.
  • If the “quick view” option is visible after the result, (i.e) you can preview the PDF file using Google Docs before downloading it.
  • PDF Files will be opened for preview in a separate window.

Convert any files to PDF,Word etc… (using Google)

One of the best way of sending a documents with write protect is through PDF. Because PDF files cannot be changed or edited , so most of the people choose PDF. To make the PDF files you need applications , but Google offers it for free for converting any documents to PDF. All you need to have is Gmail Account. Read the rest of this entry

G Search Tricks

Normally in Google Search when you enter the keyword it displays more number of results, which includes links: Read the rest of this entry

G Search Tricks

Normally in Google Search when you enter the keyword it displays more number of results, which includes links:

*The “link:”command can be found in all internet sites , which contains a link to that keyword  address.

*If you are only searching for a search term in the text of the websites and want to ignore internet addresses , titles and links  in the process , then use “intext:”.”inanchor:” results in the exact opposite of this.

*If you want to search the version of the website stored in the catch of the Google then use the “cache:”.At the upper border of the browser the search engine also informs you the date and exact time  when the image was created in a grey area.

*If you want to relate a website then use “related:” command finds websites , which have a textual link to the specified sites.If you enter “related:” a list of contents regarding the different journals that deals with the website topics will be displayed.

*You can also use the “related” command to find the websites that are similar with the keyword.