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Access Desktop Remotely using Google Chrome

Chrome  Remote Desktop is an extension which is used for accessing the desktop remotely. This application works only in Google chrome browser. With this application you can share and access computer remotely.

How to use Chrome Remote Desktop?

1.Go to the link Chrome Remote Desktop.

2. Install the add-on.

3.Launch the application and choose Continue .

4.Log-in using your GMail ID.

(Choose Allow Access)

5.Select to get the access code.

6.To Enter the Access Code choose Access a Shared Computer .

Support : Windows, Mac,Linux.

*Both the user’s must be online in order to share and access remotely.

[How To]Search By Image In Google

Do you know that you can search by an image in Google?Here is the trick .

How to search by image ?

1.Install the Add-on which is given below.

2.Go to Google Images and do any of the following:

  • Drag & Drop : Drag & drop the file in the G-Search box which you want search.
  • Copy Image URL : If you have URL of an image , click on the camera icon in the G-Search box and paste the link new popup box.
  • By Right-Click : Right click the image and select Search by image Option.
  • Upload Image: Click the camera icon and choose Upload Image.

Mozilla Firefox: Search By Image

Google Chrome: Search By Image

Block Unwanted Website’s In Firefox

 Blocksite is an add-on which is used for blocking unwanted website. You can even password protect this add-on , so that non-admin users will be unable to uninstall the add-on .This  is available only for Firefox user’s .

How to use Blocksite Add-on:

-To add website in Blocksite Add-on :

1.Go to Tools->Add-on->Extension-> choose blocksite , then select options.

2.Then click Add button and type the web address of which you want to block.

(You can even Enable Authentication and add password to it).

If you want to block all the content pages of that website , just add *(wildcard character) at the beginning and at the end of the website name .

For Example:

http://*.example.* or*.

The * character is used to indicate that there can be any content after example.


* If you forget the password , just type about:config in the address bar and press enter . Then remove the Blocksite authentication or password entry .

Add-on : BlockSite

[How To]Block Unwanted Ads in Firefox / Chrome

Adblock Plus

Most of the websites contains ads which annoys user when surfing the internet . In some websites the ads window appear separately , this may hesitate the users while surfing the internet .So most of the users go for adblocker application to block the ads. Read the rest of this entry

[How To] Download Video using Firefox

Flash video Downloader is an add-on application which is used for downloading any Flash video in Firefox browsers. With the Flash video Downloader you can download any Video from any websites, even you can download Video from Youtube. The  Flash video Downloader Add-on boosts the download speed during download , so you can download faster .With Download Flash video you can even download the images using the Screenshot feature, (Full page or a part of page) .Even you can download the visible portion of the pages .

How to Install :
1.Click the link Flash Player Downloader.
2.Select the Add to Firefox option .
3.Install the application and restart Firefox .
4. Flash Video Downloader toolbar will appear below the Navigation bar.

Steps to Download :
1.Go the website to which you want to download the Video.
2.Click the Play button .
3.The Save Video option will be enabled.
4.Select the Save video file the Video file name will pop-up just select it.

RocketDock for Windows XP/ Vista/ 7

RocketDock is a smoothly animated, alpha blended application launcher. It provides a nice clean interface to drop shortcuts on for easy access and organization. Read the rest of this entry

Speed Dial for Firefox

Most of the people prefer Opera and Chrome browsers because of the in-built Speed dial features.

Most of us don’t know that the same feature is also available in the Firefox. Read the rest of this entry

Get Live Cricket Scores in Mozilla Firefox (Without Visting sites)

Firefox logoEveryone likes watching cricket , there are many website for watching cricket scores online.But we have to visit the website every time and refresh every time to get the updated score.
But Firefox browser offer an add-on to solve this problem.

Just use theAdd-on HitWicket to get live cricket scores.
You don’t need to refresh every time .
The advantage is that you can set alerts on fall of wickets .
HitWicket allow the user to set time for automatic refresh of pages to get scores updated.
You can even see the current match as well the previous match  scores and results.

hitwicket box

windows displaying scores
Click To Get : HitWicket

Undo Closed Tab in goolgle (which was closed months/years before)

google chrome Logo

Most of the users know how to retrieve closed tabs in Google Chrome. You can easily get back your recently closed tab using Ctrl + Shift + t .
But if you want to open a tab which was closed an hour or even months.
If it was an hour ago you can easily retrieve by press Ctrl+Shift+t continuously.
But if you want to retrieve tab which was closed months before just you can use the Sexy Undo Close Tab. 
Sexy Undo Close Tab is a add-on which is used in Google Chrome. It acts as mini history manager.
It can even remember a month old tab and open it back for you any time.
Just click on the icon of this extension and start typing the site name, you will see the list of tabs which you have accessed till now.
Select the tab you want to open and done.

history box
history box
Download: Sexy Undo Close Tab

Download youtube video with the downloadhelper

Download-Helper is a tool for downloading videos from youtube and also you can download audio and images from various sites. The download-helper will automatically detect the audio or video or images when you surf through the web. The advantage with Download-Helper is that you can convert the files while downloading (convert and download) .

To download the files: (Make sure the icon highlighted )

  1. Just click on the downloadhelper icon ( a small box will appear with files ).
  2. Click on the files for downloading. 
  3. Then again a box will appear with numerous options.  
  4. If you want to download without converting select the download option or if you want to convert and download select the convert and download option.

1.Click on the below link.
2.Select the Add-to-firefox option ( dialogue will appear) .
3.Click on the install option.
4.Restart Firefox.

Download : Download-Helper