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[How To] Lock PC or Laptop after a wrong or incorrect Password

When you are away from your PC or Laptop your friends or stranger might try to use your PC or Laptop .If you have password protected it they may try to log-in by guessing the password. So here is a trick to lock PC or Laptop after few attempts so that they cannot use them for a while(i.e) After 3 attempts they cannot log-in for about 30 minutes.

How to lock PC or Laptop after a wrong or Incorrect password?

1.Go to Start in Search box type Local Security Policy and Enter.

2.Under the Security Setting choose -> Account Policies  -> Account Lockout Policies.

3.In Account Lockout Policies , Select the Account Lockout Threshold .

4. Enter the Value .

(For example: 3 then select Apply )

5.Then the Suggested Value Changes box appears , Click Ok.

6.You can change the timing in the Account Lockout Duration which is in Account Lockout Policies.

7.Finally Click OK.

Now your Pc or Laptop will be locked for 30 minutes after a wrong or incorrect password.