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Google Plus Shortcuts

Here are some Google Plus Shortcuts.

  • Google Plus supports Drag and Drop,so you can share links,photos,videos by directly dropping them into Share box.
  • To mention someone in your or other comments use + or @ Symbol before writing their name.
  • Google Plus doesn’t have private messages but you can share a post with only specific friends and don’t forget to disable Reshare.
  • To get permalink of any post click on the time-stamp of that post.
  • Public and Private posts are differentiated  by colors Green = Public Blue = Limited to circles.
  • To Underline the text write the text in-between two  Underscores  ( _exapmle_  ) – example.
  • To make the text BOLD write the text in-between two Asterisk   ( *example* ) – example.
  • To Display the text with a Strickthrough write the text in-between two Negative sign  (-example-) – example

      Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Space               =Scroll Down
  • Shift+Space  =Scroll up
  • J                        =Single Post Down Scroll
  • K                       =Single Post Up Scroll
  • Q                       =Jump to Chat
  • Return            =Start Comment

[How To]Make Portable Version Application

Cameyo is an application which is used for making Portable Version Application for any Software. The main use of Cameyo is to make portable application , so that they can used whenever required without any installation process. This application is a freeware.

How To Make Portable Version Application:

1.Go to and download it.

2.Install or Run the program.


3.Choose the Capture Installation option.

4.Now it starts recording the Installation process.

5.Then install the program for which you want to create a Portable Version.

6.After Installation Choose the Install done Option.

7.After few minutes a portable version of your installed application will be displayed .

8.Go to and  Creating an account (if you don’t have) and Log-in.

9.Then Upload the file that you have created .

10.After a few minutes you will receive a mail from Cameyo with your portable version application.

11.Finally download it .

That’s it ,now you can use this application whenever required without any application.