Split or Join Files Using HJ-Split

HJ-Split is an excellent application for split and recombine archive file. For Instance if you want to send a file of 50MB through mail and if the limit is 10MB then you can use HJSPLIT you can split the files into 5 file and send them easily . If you have backup a file of about 10GB , you can split the file in to 2 or 3 and burn them into CD/DVD.

This is a portable software so no need of any installation.

This application is freeware. 

How to Split files?

  • Run the HJ-Split.exe file.
  • Then select the Split option.
  • In Input File box  select the file which you want to split.
  • Split the file according to your choice by entering the file size in Kbytes in the File Size Box.
  • Finally click start.

How to Join Files ?

  • Run the HJ-Split.exe file.
  • Select join option.
  • In Input File box select the file which you want to join.
  •  Finally click start.
  • Now the file will be joined together.

SUPPORTS: Windows 7/XP/Vista , Linux.


* Make sure that you don’t rename file , or else the file cannot be joined. 

To Download :

Windows : HJ-Split

Linux       : HJ-Split

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  1. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for sharing ..

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