[How To]Find Keylogger On Your PC

What is Keylogger?

Keylogger is application which is used for tracing the keystrokes of the keyboard. With this application one can easily trace the activities in your the computer. This program is mainly used for monitoring the activities in the computer .

How to find Keylogger on your PC?

  • Start-> Run->type msconfig.
  • Go to Startup tab in the System Configuration window. You will see numerous programs which can be enable or disabled.
  • Disable all the programs , after that Turnoff the firewall and shut down the antivirus program.
  • Then again go to the msconfig window, if you see any program that are enable automatically then it is the keylogger application.
  • Remember the name of the program and location and remove it.
  • If you didn’t find any program enabled in the msconfig window then you are free from Keylogger.
  • Finally turn on the firewall , antivirus and all the program that were disabled in the msconfig window.
  • Close all the program and restart the computer.


*The user’s are at their own risk and are not responsible in case any malfunctions or errors.

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