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Block Unwanted Website’s In Firefox

 Blocksite is an add-on which is used for blocking unwanted website. You can even password protect this add-on , so that non-admin users will be unable to uninstall the add-on .This  is available only for Firefox user’s .

How to use Blocksite Add-on:

-To add website in Blocksite Add-on :

1.Go to Tools->Add-on->Extension-> choose blocksite , then select options.

2.Then click Add button and type the web address of which you want to block.

(You can even Enable Authentication and add password to it).

If you want to block all the content pages of that website , just add *(wildcard character) at the beginning and at the end of the website name .

For Example:

http://*.example.* or*.

The * character is used to indicate that there can be any content after example.


* If you forget the password , just type about:config in the address bar and press enter . Then remove the Blocksite authentication or password entry .

Add-on : BlockSite

PTC For The Life

I have removed this post because this not legit. Currently this site is  suspended and this site is a scam . The money which is received has been reserved.

I will test the other PTC site and update them.

After few test i have found few legit ptc sites.

Click the link to see the site PTC Sites

[How To]Minimize Window In Windows OS

In Windows with the miniMIZE application you can minimize all windows as a thumbnail in your desktop ,So that you can easily identify them easily .This application is free and it supports Windows XP/Vista. You can even save the applications on desktop so whenever you start your PC the application will start automatically during start-up .You can even change the size of the thumbnail , adjust according to the desktop.

Sample Image: