[How To]Prevent Gmail Password Hacking

Now a day E-mail accounts are hacked easily , so to solve this Gmail had added a new feature which is known as 2 Step-Verification in which the user have to type the password as well the verification code which will be sent to your mobile phone every time you Sign-In (i.e) to login the user need two password 1.original password 2.verification code . This feature can turned-on as well as turned off as required.

Instructions how to activate the 2 step-verifications:

1.Sign-In using your Gmail Account

2.Go to Setting -> Accounts & Imports Tab

Choose the Other Google Account Setting.(New Window appears)

3.Under the personal Setting choose the 2 step-verification options.

4.Then 2 step Verifications window appears and select set 2 Setp -Verifications.

5.In 2 step Verifications window type the phone number and click ok then you will get a verification code to your mobile phone type the code ,Select Verify and OK.

6.The list containing 10 Codes will be displayed . In case if you lose your mobile phone you can used these codes to recover your Email ( Each code can be used only once ).

*Make sure that you backup the codes.

7.Again you need to enter another phone number so that the backup codes will be sent their mobile.

8.Finally select the Turn-on Verification

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  1. Someone is changing my account password within minutes of my resetting my password. This has been an ongoing problem for at least several months with no end in sight. Since I use Google Play on my Verizon phone, my phone’s primary benefits are virtually nullified. Please call me at 415-815-8801.

    • Please give a very strong password. give some alphanumeric password with symbols and also try giving p/w with caps in it.

      Use two step verification for google,in gmail.

      I think this might help you .. 🙂

      pls cme back on any further queries.

      Team TrickBook.

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