[How To]Block Unwanted Ads in Firefox / Chrome

Adblock Plus

Most of the websites contains ads which annoys user when surfing the internet . In some websites the ads window appear separately , this may hesitate the users while surfing the internet .So most of the users go for adblocker application to block the ads.
Adblock Plus is an excellent application to block the Ads . With Adblock add-on user can block all the ads that are to be displayed. The advantage in the Adblock Plus application is that it automatically block the ads so the user don’t need to enable the application every time.Since the ads are blocked , the browsing speed will also be faster. You can even customize setting in Adblock Plus that is you can block particular part of the page . This Add-on is for both Firefox and Chrome browsers. Just follow the instructions to get adblock (Firefox /Chrome).

1.Click the link below to get Adblock Plus.
2.Select the Add-to-Firefox Option.(for Firefox users)
3.Install the application.
4.Restart the Firefox / Google Chrome .
Download :
Firefox : Adblock Plus 
Google Chrome : Adblock Plus

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