Backup files online using file hosting websites

There are many file hosting websites in which you can store files online for earning as well as for back-ups .The files can be of any type like image , video , audio , documents. 

mediafire logo

Mediafire is a files hosting website which allows you to store unlimited files . In mediafire you can earn money but you must have premium membership , free users cannot earn money . The advantage is that you have unlimited storage facilities which is not found in most of the file hosting services as a  free users . Mediafire is maninly used for backup storage since it has unlimited storage facilities .
To Register : Mediafire

rapidshare logo

Rapidshare is a file hosting websites which is different from other file hosting websites . In rapidshare you cannot earn money but you earn rapid points in which you can buy games in rapidshare shop using the rapid points . Even as a free user you can earn rapid points . In rapidshare if the file is not downloaded for certain period of time then the files will be deleted automatically . Rapidshare supports remote uploads . But if you are premium account holder the files will not be deleted unless you delete it by yourself .
To Register : Rapidshare

megaupload logo

Medaupload file hosting you earn reward points for every single download which is not found in any another file hosting websites , by earning  reward points you can become a premium user as well as earn money . Megaupload allows you to store files permanently for a certain amount of space because of this feature you can backup your files. The advantage in megaupload is that you can have option of being a lifetime membership which is not found in other file hosting websites . In megaupload even as a free user you can download as a premium user which is known as happy hours but for a certain limit of time .Megaupload supports remote upload .
To Register : Megaupload 

Hotfile file hosting allows you to earn money according the file size , you can see them in Affiliate (Rank) . Free users as well as premium users can earn money in hotfile .With hotlink feature you can provide direct links to premium as well as for free users but to use this feature one must be a premium users .
To Register : Hotfile

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