[How to]Hide files and folders in windows

Everyone like to keep their files and folders protected , but you need files software’s inorder to password protect it .But in windows instead of that you can hide the files and folders without any addition application , Windows has a built in features .
Follow the steps to hide files/folder:
1.Create the file/folder that you want hide .
2.Select the file/folder (Single Click) that you wan to hide .
3.Then Right click the mouse button (Pop box appers) .
4.Select Properties (Dialogue box appears as below).
5.Under the General tab you will find the option Attributes column , select the HIDDEN check box .
6.Click Apply and OK.
Now the files/folder will be hidden.

dialogue box appears

If you want to open the files/folders that you have hidden
1.Go to Tools->Folder Option (Dialogue box appears as below )
2.Under View tab in Advanced Settings ->Hidden files and folders->Show hidden files and folders
3.Then you can work on the files hidden files as well as save it.
4.After working in the hidden files , choose the Do not show hidden files/folders in the Folder Option Dialogue boxor else the files/folders will be visible.

dialogue box appears

*If you want the files/folders to be Unhide just right click the hidden files properties ->General tab Uncheck the Hidden option.

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