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[How To]Change Default Programs in Windows

When we install other web browser’s like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome , Opera , etc ; it ask us whether they want to set it as default browser and we select it as default browser ,but whenever you click on any links in any documents or HTML file  the internet explore opens .To change this feature and set other web browser’s to default permanently , Read the rest of this entry

Free Antivirus For Mac

Sophos is an security application for Mac Users , which is used for protecting against malicious objects. Sophos is a free and real-time application for protecting Mac from any malicious objects .Sophos protects your computer from viruses , worms ,Trojan , Adware , spyware ,etc. Sophos antivirus doesn’t slow down the computer while scanning and doesn’t annoy the user with any messages. Sophos antivirus is an easy-to-use application . Read the rest of this entry

[How To]Prevent Gmail Password Hacking

Now a day E-mail accounts are hacked easily , so to solve this Gmail had added a new feature which is known as 2 Step-Verification in which the user have to type the password as well the verification code which will be sent to your mobile phone every time you Sign-In (i.e) to login the user need two password 1.original password 2.verification code . This feature can turned-on as well as turned off as required. Read the rest of this entry

All in One Rescue Kit For PC

Paragon rescue kit

Paragon Rescue Kit consists of multiple functions which are used for securing the computer in-case of any malfunctions as well as for recovering the files and folders . Paragon Rescue Kit is a freeware application by Paragon.With the Paragon Rescue Kit you can recover the files/ folders easily . You can even correct errors when there is an problem in boot sectors . With Paragon Rescue Kit you can export files/folders from partition to another local disk , burn files/folders in CD/DVD in case of system failure . Read the rest of this entry

Recover Deleted Files From PC


We may sometime delete files accidentally without noticing  , So to recover the files there is a free software called “Recuva” which is an easily accessible application by Piriform.Ltd.With Recuva application you can undelete the any files from your computer .You can even undelete the files from damaged or formatted disks/drives . The advantage is that you can recover Read the rest of this entry

Google Search Tricks

While surfing in Google i found few tricks in Google search Engine  , So i thought of sharing it .You can show them to your friend and amaze them by showing these tricks .The tricks are knows Google Gravity and Epic Google .
1.Google Gravity
Everyone knows what is Gravity .
There is a Trick in Google which is knows as Google Gravity in which all the items in Google Search Engine falls at the bottom of the screen as if gravity is applied to it . To do so follow the steps below
1.Go to
2.Type Google Gravity in Search box.
3.Choose I’m Feeling Lucky option.
4.Type any information in Google Search bar and Press Enter .
Google gravity

2.Epic Google
Epic Google is a trick to make all the items in Google Search Engine gets enlarged ,(i.e.,) the items gets expanded. To do so follow the steps below
1.Go to
2.Type Epic Google in Search box.
3.Choose I’m Feeling Lucky Option.

Epic google

[How To]Block Unwanted Ads in Firefox / Chrome

Adblock Plus

Most of the websites contains ads which annoys user when surfing the internet . In some websites the ads window appear separately , this may hesitate the users while surfing the internet .So most of the users go for adblocker application to block the ads. Read the rest of this entry

[How To ] Setup Login Password in Windows OS

In Windows you can setup login password so that strangers cannot access your computer  or misuse your computer .

1.Go to Control Panel Option from Start Menu.
2.Then choose the User Account .
3.Select the Computer Administration Account.

choose Computer administration option

4.Choose the option Create a Password option.
5.Type the password , if you want you can give password hint .
(only the administrator can delete password)

Box displaying password options

1. If you want to delete the password go to computer administration account and delete the account.
2. You can create a Guest Account for other users , so they can use the computer but cannot install nor delete anything from the computer.
To create the Guest Account
Go to Control Panel -> User Account -> Guest Account -> Select Turn ON Guest Account option.

Backup files online using file hosting websites

There are many file hosting websites in which you can store files online for earning as well as for back-ups .The files can be of any type like image , video , audio , documents.  Read the rest of this entry

[How to]Hide files and folders in windows

Everyone like to keep their files and folders protected , but you need files software’s inorder to password protect it .But in windows instead of that you can hide the files and folders without any addition application , Windows has a built in features . Read the rest of this entry