Change the Startup and Shutdown track in Windows

In windows you can change the Startup and Shutdown track according to the user. In order to change the startup and shutdown tone ,

Just follow the instructions below:

1. Choose the track which you want to play at start-up and shutdown tone. (see the conditions below)

2. Now rename these files as “Windows XP Startup.WAV” and “Windows XP Shutdown.WAV” respectively.

3. Now Go to “C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA”, here you will find files “Windows XP Startup.WAV” and “Windows XP Shutdown.WAV”.

(If you want the old track of windows just move them to some other locations, so that you can use them when ever required).

4. Now the files you have chosen and renamed, just copy or cut- paste them in “C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA”,

5. Now the track has been changed.


* It should be in .WAV format.
* The size of file should not be large, prefer keeping them within in 1 Mb, otherwise your startup will take a bit longer.


*If the file you want to make your start-up or shutdown is not in .WAV format, you can easily convert them using Windows Movie Maker, or any other converter.

*If the track is too long then you can also cut/edit them using Windows Movie Maker or any other applications.

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