Prevent your computer from virus (via. Pendrive)

Most of people get viruses while surfing through internet (non-secure sites) the second source is through Pen drives .

In pendrives the viruses enter/affects the computer through the autorun.inf files .

Autorun.inf files determines which files are to be executed first .

Majority of the virus programs use this file to spread themselves.

So if not needed this file should be removed from the pen drive.

But it is not an easy task to remove the virus affected autorun.inf from the pen drive.

So for novice users I will recommend to use Autorun eater.

Autorun eater automatically detects the autorun.inf file and if it is actually infected by a virus then it can also tell you the files associated with it.

This can be really helpful because most of the time people don’t know what to delete after deleting the autorun.inf.

Additionally it includes like disabled task manager,registry editor  or hidden folder settings.

To Get Autorun Eater :

Autorun Eater

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