Undo Closed Tab in goolgle (which was closed months/years before)

google chrome Logo

Most of the users know how to retrieve closed tabs in Google Chrome. You can easily get back your recently closed tab using Ctrl + Shift + t .
But if you want to open a tab which was closed an hour or even months.
If it was an hour ago you can easily retrieve by press Ctrl+Shift+t continuously.
But if you want to retrieve tab which was closed months before just you can use the Sexy Undo Close Tab. 
Sexy Undo Close Tab is a add-on which is used in Google Chrome. It acts as mini history manager.
It can even remember a month old tab and open it back for you any time.
Just click on the icon of this extension and start typing the site name, you will see the list of tabs which you have accessed till now.
Select the tab you want to open and done.

history box
history box
Download: Sexy Undo Close Tab

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