Prevent your Facebook and Twitter etc… from hacking

There are many ways for hacking your Social network . Here are some tips for protecting your account from hacking.

1. Strong PASSWORD :

A strong password is a random string of characters composed of both uppercase and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. The ideal length of password should be 14 characters. The absolute minimum should be 8 characters. Do not include personal information in your password like birth date, address, or age because they can easily identified.



It is very  important that the computer should be  free from virus and spyware because they can easily hack your computer and take way the information’s even though you have a very strong password . When ever using computers outdoors , do not click the option to Remember Password and always log out properly and delete the history.



The browsers also plays an important role for protection .  This is the reasons why Firefox is the best way to surf the internet. The thousands of add-ons are available in Firefox for surfing the web securely and also protecting the privacy. So if you are not yet using Firefox, you may want to consider it now.


Most social networking sites work very hard to keep their sites safe, it is not enough for the owner to  guarantee that your account will never be hacked. Because hackers work hard too .  Facebook and MySpace both have Privacy Settings… use it to control what information is visible and who can see the information on your profile. Keep in mind that if you display all information about yourself, someone can use that information to impersonate you. It’s called spoofing. So hide all the personal information and never store or give mobile  numbers.


One of the reasons why millions of people are enjoying Facebook and MySpace is the applications that are really addictive like Mafia Wars, Farmville, Yoville, and Farm Town to name few. But you should understand that every time you install an application, you allow the creators of the application to access your personal information. I use a different email account and Facebook account to play Mafia Wars so that what ever happens, my personal email and private information are safe. It is actually recommended to use a different email account for your social networking sites.One email for social network and other for your personal use.


Do not post any photos or private information in your Social Network account , if you do not want other people to see or know about it. Though you can set photos as private  that does not guarantee hackers will not get to it and post it on the internet to ruin your dignity. Actually, people gets more curious if you have photos set as private.


Do not click any link posted in the message, comments, or bulletin because this is one method that hackers use to get information from you. Links from hackers will usually open a window for you that look like Facebook or MySpace asking you to relog-in. If you fall for it, the information you entered will be sent directly to the hackers .They use key-logger application because what ever you type on the screen are recorded and used by hackers for hacking.

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