Scan and Remove virus from your PC for free

There are many antivirus available in the market. The protection rate differ from one  antivirus to another . So, every one wants to know whether they had bought the best antiviruses and also the detection rates.

Here are some tips to select the antiviruses and also scan freely using the  antiviruses below .These are some best free onilne scanner with full features.


Bitdefender offer every to use full scan with full features for free . If the user is satisfied with the protection they can use the bitdefender antivirus . Without  any installation procedure you can scan you computer and also remove the viruses and malwares and spywares . With Bitdefender you can do  full scan as well as quick scan. The detection rate is very high so no virus can escape .

To scan using bitdefender:

Click Here: Bitdefender online scanner

2. McAfee –

McAfee offer free application for scanning your computer for free. The disadvantage in Mcafee application is that it can detect the virus but cannot remove the virus . You can manually remove the virus.  Web protection is available .

To scan using McAfee :-

Click Here : McAfee online scanner

3. Trend Micro-

Trend Micro allows you to scan your computer and also remove the virus that had infected your computer. You can scan your computer fully or select the folder or drives . It scan quickly and the detection rate is also high .

To scan using Trend Micro:-

Click Here: Trend Micro online scanner

4.Nod 32:-

Nod 32 online scanner is a user friendly and powerful tool for removing the viruses without any installation procedure . Nod 32 allows you to scan fully as well as selective scanning . It automatically finds and deletes the viruses that are present in your computer .

To scan using Nod32:-

Click Here : Nod 32 online scanner

5. Norton –

Norton otherwise called as Symantec has two types of scanning process one for virus detection and other security scan . The virus detection is used for scanning your computer . The security scan is used for scanning online threats . It also show whether your computer is  protected or at risk .

To scan using Norton:-

click here : Norton online scanner


1. Online scan are done with full features as that of the paid version.

Caution :

2.You can scan only one time with each online scanners .

(To scan more than one time you need to change the ip address. To change the ip address click on the below link ).

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