G Search Tricks

Normally in Google Search when you enter the keyword it displays more number of results, which includes links:

*The “link:<website>”command can be found in all internet sites , which contains a link to that keyword  address.

*If you are only searching for a search term in the text of the websites and want to ignore internet addresses , titles and links  in the process , then use “intext:<searchterm>”.”inanchor:<searchterm>” results in the exact opposite of this.

*If you want to search the version of the website stored in the catch of the Google then use the “cache:<website>”.At the upper border of the browser the search engine also informs you the date and exact time  when the image was created in a grey area.

*If you want to relate a website then use “related:<website>” command finds websites , which have a textual link to the specified sites.If you enter “related:<websites>” a list of contents regarding the different journals that deals with the website topics will be displayed.

*You can also use the “related” command to find the websites that are similar with the keyword.

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