Block Image Using Firefox

If one want to block a particular image from the websites using Mozilla Firefox , you can use the

Add-on  “ImgLikeOpera”.With this Add-on you can select the website in which you want block the images.


*Click on the below link to get the Add-on.

*After install the Add-on , restart the Firefox.

*Open the “ImgLikeOpera” Add-on.

*Select the “Filter” Tab , which allows you can enter the address of the website in the “Filter ” Textbox for blocking the images.

*Then under the “Filter Policy ” drop-down list ,select any one of the four options and click add.

*Finally click “Apply”.

*You can even set the time for blocking the images ,to do so select the “Forced Expiration Time” option.

*The “ImgLikeOpera” add-on can be turned on and off whenever required in your browser or on your tab.

*You can also see the websites you have added in the Filter tab in a column .

To Get the Add-on:

Click here: ImgLikeOpera

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